Photos Rd 5

(all pictures by Maria Emelianova)


  • Viswanathan Anand 

  •  Levon Aronian

  •  Main Sponsor Oleg Skvortsov and Levon Aronian

  •  Viswanathan Anand

  •  Start to round 5

  •  Hikaru Nakamura & Boris Gelfand

  •  Fabiano Caruana before the game...

  •  ... against Levon Aronian

  •  Magnus Carlsen & Viswanathan Anand

  •  Oleg Skvortsov and his wife Natalia

  •  Levon Aronian still not having any clue about Fabiano Caruana's effective plan against his Marshall-Gambit

  • Some more pictures... 

  •  Finally the games take off






    •  Post-mortem with Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand




  • Dirk Van Geuzendam, Viswanathan Anand and Genna Sosonko 

  •  Magnus Carlsen can be happy...

  •   with his 2-point lead before the last day


  •  Magnus Carlsen poses for a picture...

  •  with his young admirers

  •  Post-mortem with Hikaru Nakamura and Boris Gelfand


  •  Boris Gelfand...

  •  ... in good spirits


  • Arbiter Rahel Umbach with autographs on here chess board 

  •  Boris Gelfand and Peter Leko

  •  Kirill Zangalis and Aleksandr Huzman

  •  Fabiano Caruana shortly before Levon Aronian resigned

  •  And also the last game of the Classical  Tournament is over

  •  The proud winner in the post-morten...

  •  and a disappointed... 

  •  and critically horrified (about his own performance) Levon Aronian

  •  What else could I do in this position?

  •  Fabiano Caruana is very pleased with the outcome of this game...

  •  ... and Levon Aronian seem to have regained his self-composure